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Candice Benjamin Photography

“Kiera was amazing to work with. Beyond amazing. When I first met with her I just had a general idea that I wanted, but after our first meeting she already figured out what made me tick and how to showcase it. She was always there when I had questions and even helped me brainstorm ideas and locations. She cared about how it looked just as much as I did.

During the filming I was super-nervous. Me taking photos is one thing, but actually siting in front of it is completely different. Kiera did a great job of making me feel conformable and natural. After a while I didnt even notice the camera. I was just talking to her.

Since I launched the video I’ve had so much positive feedback. People feel like they know me and can see what I’m like when I’m shooting. Nerdy-ness and all.


Jasmine Star, on Candice Benjamin’s winning creativeLIVE entry

“In a sea of sameness and lookalikes, Candice stood out from the rest. She was able to show just how perfectly her personality sparkled and a good promo video accomplishes this precisely.

A good video on the web is like a pot of gold and Candice, apparently, found hers.”


Amanda Patrice, Photographer

“From the moment I first pitched the idea of making a promo video to Kiera I knew I was in for a treat… her ‘lets do this!’ attitude and fun personality coupled with her mad skills really made the whole experience (and the video itself) nothing short of amazing… hiring her was seriously one of my best ideas ever!

Now when I get inquiries from clients one of the first things they mention is how they feel like they already know me and that they’re sure we’ll get along great… which is EXACTLY what I was going for.

If you’re looking for a video that is custom tailored to you and the clients you’re trying to attract Kiera will not only make it happen, but make the process super fun.”


Ashley Photographer

“From the very first moment I met Kiera, she immediately made me feel so comfortable. She was so easy to talk to and I could hear the passion in her voice when she talked about how much she loves collaborating with photographers. Kiera is a true artist and based on the random things I told her about myself in our very first meeting, she was able to come up with a vision for my promo video.

When it came time to actually film, Kiera was there to calm my nerves every step of the way. She reminded me that we’d simply be having a conversation and that all I needed to do was be myself.

Kiera has not only paved the way for potential clients to immediately get a better sense of who I am online, but she’s transformed the face of my brand as well. However, the single most valuable thing I’ve gained from working with Kiera is a friendship I treasure dearly. Kiera isn’t just a videographer or an artist, she’s a friend. And that, to me, is everything.”