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For Photographers: FAQ

What’s an “identity video”?
An identity or promo video is a great way to introduce yourself to your potential clients. Instead of a stale “about me” paragraph, you get to introduce yourself and your work in your own voice, with your own style. It allows visitors to your website to meet you even before they pick up the phone or send the first email. It’s all about making connections between clients and photographers who will love working together! After all, your clients are trusting you to capture them at their best, in the most memorable moments of their lives. A good relationship makes for great photos. Consider us your matchmakers.

Is it really that good?
Really. Check out what our partner photographers have to say! An identity video will bring you more quality leads – clients who already know and love you – and increase your booking record.

But I don’t like being in FRONT of the camera! What if I don’t want to do an interview?
I’m a big fan of showing photographers actually speaking to prospective clients in these videos (it’s more like an initial meeting that way), but that’s not the only way to do things! Maybe you’d rather be seen in action on a shoot, with a voice-over script. Maybe you’d rather introduce yourself with some images that are important to you, and some personalized on-screen text, like an “about me” brought to life. Maybe you want to throw all of that out the window and instead make a silent film noir all about your cat! …okay, maybe that last one isn’t what you’re after. Regardless, I love new ideas. Let’s brainstorm together!

What about the cost?
Every project is unique, and the cost depends on your ideas – specifically, the amount of time and expense it will take to shoot and edit and turn those ideas into a reality! To give you a ballpark figure, a typical 2-4 minute video incorporating a shoot-along and interview (about a half day of shooting) goes for about $2000. Think about it: How much is it worth to book more jobs with the type of clients you LOVE working with? Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll chat about your ideas, then put together a customized quote covering everything from research and scripting to post-production, music licensing, and client reviews. (Yep, this is your film! Your input is not only allowed, but necessary!)

Any other fees?
You probably already know how sales tax works. The neat thing is, if you opt for digital delivery, you don’t have to pay sales tax! Most of our clients choose to download a digital file of their final edited video, and handle backup themselves.

Where are you located? I sure hope it’s nearby!
Jakfoto is based in Orange County, California, but we work all over the world! We’d be happy to pack our bags and our passports to work with you.

How do I get this video on my website, blog, or Facebook page?
We’re here to help! Jakfoto provides cheerful technical support once your project is complete, helping you to embed the video on your website, blog, or Facebook page. We also highly recommend SPwebBooks as a great service to customize your Facebook page and bring your videos to your fans! (Just check out our nifty SPwebBooks WebApp!)

What about this “fusion” thing?
Fusion refers to a video product that combines still photos with video and audio clips. Imagine seeing behind the scenes of a portrait shoot along with the final photos, or hearing a couple tell their love story while getting a glimpse of their engagement shoot. Fusion tells the whole story. It’s a really fun way to bring your photos to life, and deliver an exciting new product to your clients.

We make fusion easy by providing the video side of things. No need to buy new equipment or learn new software – when you invite Jakfoto along for a shoot, you get to focus on the photos. We’ll handle the rest, and you get to deliver a fresh fusion video under your photography brand.

If you’re interested in creating your own identity video, or partnering with Jakfoto Films to provide fusion or wedding films to your clients, please get in touch!


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